Archimonde down! And still looking for Ranged DPS

28 Aug 2015 09:19
by: Iluin
After some Hard mode tries with pretty much melee only raids we finally got people back from holidays and managed to kill him with ease. Bring the ranged player not the class, you know. ;)

Good feeling to finally get him down so we can focus on Heroics again. Good job guys!


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Seventh Flight is recruiting Awesome People (YOU)!

19 Aug 2015 15:49
by: Nantuui
Seventh Flight is recruiting more awesome players to fill open spots in the raid team!

Currently we are looking for ranged dps and healers (no paladins, yes I cry too). We are unfortunately quite quite quite full on melee (really sorry there awesome melee players, your time will come).
If you are interested in joining you will find information about the process here: http://seventhflight.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=93

Contrary to what our front page is telling you, we are in fact way past killing Blackhand and have heroically besieged Hellfire Citadel. Naturally.

Any questions can be directed to one of the following players: Iluin, Kethilva, Taeyas or whomever you can grab with a Seventh Flight tag over their names.

Come on, don't be shy! We are eagerly awaiting your unique and awesome application :)


Blackhand Down! Heroic of course!

22 Apr 2015 17:50
by: Iluin
Brought to you by Seventh Flight! Nuff said!

*strangles Sinespe*



LFR changes and Raid Progress

01 Apr 2015 18:54
by: Iluin
With the upcoming LFR changes allowing more than 5 people to queue together I think it is time to take a step back and look at our options for the next few months of this Tier.

Despite our valiants effort we have so far been unable to catch up with the top guilds on this server when it comes to Mythic progression.
This of course also hinders our efforts to recruit new people in times of need.

The LFR changes I mentioned earlier will allows us to distinguish ourselves and get more widely known potentially attracting more applicants.

The senate has decided the following:

Every Friday and Sunday for the next 3 months we are going to offer LFR carries for gold in Trade, General and LFG chat.
If we are fast we should be able to clear it atleast twice per night. With the introduction of tokens every mouthbreather will have gold to spend and there should be an ample amount of people out there sick and tired of constantly being kicked from LFR because they "need to l2p" or "stop fapping".

Not only will we be able to earn a hefty amount of gold offering clears for those people but the constant spamming during the weekend will get our name out there.


Heroic BRF 10/10 - All Clear

27 Feb 2015 09:25
by: Iluin
Update: After an extremely quick Thogar kill we moved on to Kromog and as ususal did our best the moment it was announced
that everyone can go to bed after one more try. Next up Iron Maiden and the dreaded Blast Furnace!

Update2: Only Blackhand left. *shakes fist at Easter weekend*

Update3: After we got Phase 2 under control it was just a matter of a few tries. He fell on sunday!

Yes, I have been slacking and while we have screenshots from most kills I decided to make a post I can edit and update as kills come in.

So far we are 9/10 Normal and 7/10 Heroic. More kills to come in this week hopefully.



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